Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Living at Westleigh

Guidance Notes for Owners and Tenants


1. Westleigh is a community inhabited by people who wish to maintain a comfortable, quiet, and neighbourly lifestyle.

2. Westleigh is maintained by the Westleigh Maintenance Company, which is governed by a company of directors, elected at an annual general meeting.

3. The property and its grounds are maintained in very good order, and every effort is made to keep this standard as high as possible.

4. Westleigh is a mixture of permanent owner-residents and temporary renting tenants, living in the properties of absentee owners, some of whom have their property managed by letting agents.

5. No changes to the outer appearance of Westleigh are permissible without the consent of the directors. This includes features such as television aerials and satellite dishes, security grilles, and painting.

6. No building works or radical changes to the interior of any apartment can be made without prior consultation with the directors of Westleigh Maintenance Company.

7. The letting of apartments has to have the prior agreement of Westleigh Maintenance Company.

8. Westleigh Maintenance Company has the legal right to request that owners who let their apartments to undesirable, troublesome, or poorly behaved tenants cancel their rental agreement forthwith (refer to the lease).


1. All noise levels and disturbances of any kind should be kept to a minimum, and all owners and tenants should have consideration for others as their main priority at all times as this is a communal complex.

2. It is important to keep in mind that people living in properties adjacent to you may be affected by what you do.

3. People who have previously lived in detached or semi-detached houses should realise that living in a block of apartments requires a different set of behaviours.

4. Noise travels upwards, downwards, and sideways. You should keep the volume of radios, televisions, and music players to a low level.

5. You should close your own apartment door and the outer door as quietly as possible when entering and leaving your apartment.

6. People living on the first and second floors should go up and down stairs as quietly as possible.

Cars and Parking

1. There is one garage for each apartment at Westleigh, plus twelve additional parking spaces.

2. Households who have more than one vehicle should use their garage for the storage of one vehicle.

3. Neither residents nor any of their visitors should park opposite garage doors. This blocks access to and exit from the garage.

4. No commercial vehicles (vans, lorries) are allowed to be parked by residents.

5. Parking is not allowed on any footpaths within the property.

6. Parking by visitors is allowed only on a short-term temporary basis. Vehicles belonging to visitors should not be left parked at Westleigh during their absence.

Buying and Selling

1. No estate agents' 'For Sale' or 'To Let' signs should be placed in any part of the property.

2. Owners selling or letting are welcome to place announcements to that effect on the Westleigh website.


1. Outer doors should be kept shut at all times. Leaving the outer doors open permits access to other people's apartments, and could result in encouraging attempted break-in's and vandalism.


1. The gardens are a source of great pride to the residents of Westleigh.

2. A professional gardener is employed to maintain them in good order.

3. They should not be changed in any way without the consent of the directors.

Rubbish Removal

1. There are bins for household refuse and for waste papers. These are emptied once weekly.

2. The bins should not be used for the disposal of large household objects or building refuse.

3. Cardboard boxes should be flattened before they are put into the bins.


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