Monday, February 27, 2006

Replacement Windows Policy

The contract for the UPVC windows has been finalised and signed by both Westleigh Maintenance Company and Alexander Windows Ltd.

Any further orders for replacement windows from owners who refused to participate in the initial order will now be priced at the full domestic rate, since any advantages attributed to our commercial order will no longer apply.

Notice to Westleigh owners who are not participating in the current project. As you have decided not to participate in this exercise, Westleigh Maintenance Co. Ltd. are legally obliged to inform you of the following facts and requirements in accordance with the lease and covenants thereto:

  1. All owners are solely responsible for the up-keep and maintenance of all window frames and the glazing of all windows in their apartments. This excludes communal windows which remain the responsibility of all owners via Westleigh Maintenance Company.
  2. Bearing this in mind, all future repairs, painting, replacement of rotten woodwork, faulty or failed double-glazing panes will be at your total expense. All such work shall conform to the general appearance and colour of the exterior of Westleigh as a whole, and must be of the highest standard and in compliance with Westleigh Maintenance Co. requirements.
  3. Should you at some future date decide to change to UPVC windows these shall conform to the standards as set by the newly installed windows in the majority of the complex. In other words UPVC windows shall be of the same or equivalent quality and exact same design as those under current installation (as from 1 September 2005)
  4. Regarding rotten window frames, faulty or failed glazing units (refer to points 1 & 2 above), Westleigh Maintenance Co. Ltd., will be carrying out an inspection in the near future. Westleigh Maintenance Co. shall inform the affected owners formally in writing and all failed glazing units shall be immediately replaced at your total expense.

Finally, when the solicitors of any future buyer of your property write to Westleigh Maintenance Co. Ltd asking for written clarification of any outstanding liabilities, the above information will be conveyed to them including the estimated costs of such outstanding works.


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