Sunday, June 11, 2006

Painting & Roof Matters

We are pleased to announce that the painting of the exterior of Westleigh - including the garages - will start on or around Monday 19th June 2006.

Due notice has been given to all owners and residents, so that garage doors can be left open on the relevant days and times.

Queries may be addressed to any of the directors.

Meanwhile, Frank Walsh of Profelt has been contact following discussions on the Letter from Carmen Smith representing Mr Hira (Flat 9) in his complaint about a leaking roof in his newly converted attic. Mr Walsh will look into it. If he can see an obvious point of leakage in the roof over Hira's flat, he has been instructed to go ahead and repair it.

In addition he will look at the seals on the gutters at the front and rear of the block containing flats 3, 6 and 9. If the cost exceeds £250 he is to contact Eddie Kempster for a further discussion. Once the repair to the roof over Flat 9 is completed, a claim can be made for redecoration of any damage to the bathroom from Westleigh insurers. Westleigh Maintenance Co. Ltd, will then have fulfilled its obligations.


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