Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Westleigh Maintenance Company AGM
27 November 2008

Held at Flat 14, starting at 7.00 pm

Present: Edward and Ingrid Kempster, Julie Culshaw, Victor and Pat Powell, Edith Pickles, Mary Greenhalgh, Vera Sissons, Gerry Clarke, Heather Pollitt, Roy Johnson

Apologies: John and Sylvia Sillars, Martin Albu, Jerry Lunt, Reg and Lavinia Marsden, Colin and Irene Rodger,

1. Accounts

The accounts were accepted and approved.

2. Appointment of Directors

The existing directors were re-appointed. These are: Roy Johnson (Chair), Heather Pollitt (Secretary) Gerry Clarke (Treasurer) Edward Kempster (Project Manager).

3. Any other business

i. The gardens

A number of requests were made for changes to the maintenance of the gardens. The meeting was reminded that all requests for changes or improvements should be submitted in writing on the form provided by the secretary.

ii. Rise in the maintenance charge

The treasurer reminded the meeting that the existing maintenance charge was so low that the company had no surplus to deal with emergencies or improvements. Following discussion, the meeting agreed to give the directors a mandate to agree on a reasonable increase in the charge. The increase would come into effect in April 2009.

iii. Appointment of managing agents

The directors explained to the meeting that a number of factors meant that the tasks they faced in running the company efficiently were becoming excessively burdensome. There were also new requirements of insurance and health and safety legislation which left the directors with legal responsibilities from which they needed protection.

The meeting agreed that the best solution to these issues was to appoint a professional managing agency which would take over these tasks and act in accordance with the directors' instructions. The meeting unanimously approved a motion to give the directors a mandate to reach a decision about the employment of a professional management agency.

iv. Extended flue on the roof

One of the flats in Block One had fitted an extended flue pipe to the roof without permission. It was agreed that the secretary write to the owners of flats 2, 5, and 8 requesting that the flue be removed and replaced with one the same size as the others. Failure to do so would result in the work being done and the owner charged with the cost.

The meeting closed at 8.00 pm


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