Monday, February 27, 2006

Replacement Windows Policy

The contract for the UPVC windows has been finalised and signed by both Westleigh Maintenance Company and Alexander Windows Ltd.

Any further orders for replacement windows from owners who refused to participate in the initial order will now be priced at the full domestic rate, since any advantages attributed to our commercial order will no longer apply.

Notice to Westleigh owners who are not participating in the current project. As you have decided not to participate in this exercise, Westleigh Maintenance Co. Ltd. are legally obliged to inform you of the following facts and requirements in accordance with the lease and covenants thereto:

  1. All owners are solely responsible for the up-keep and maintenance of all window frames and the glazing of all windows in their apartments. This excludes communal windows which remain the responsibility of all owners via Westleigh Maintenance Company.
  2. Bearing this in mind, all future repairs, painting, replacement of rotten woodwork, faulty or failed double-glazing panes will be at your total expense. All such work shall conform to the general appearance and colour of the exterior of Westleigh as a whole, and must be of the highest standard and in compliance with Westleigh Maintenance Co. requirements.
  3. Should you at some future date decide to change to UPVC windows these shall conform to the standards as set by the newly installed windows in the majority of the complex. In other words UPVC windows shall be of the same or equivalent quality and exact same design as those under current installation (as from 1 September 2005)
  4. Regarding rotten window frames, faulty or failed glazing units (refer to points 1 & 2 above), Westleigh Maintenance Co. Ltd., will be carrying out an inspection in the near future. Westleigh Maintenance Co. shall inform the affected owners formally in writing and all failed glazing units shall be immediately replaced at your total expense.

Finally, when the solicitors of any future buyer of your property write to Westleigh Maintenance Co. Ltd asking for written clarification of any outstanding liabilities, the above information will be conveyed to them including the estimated costs of such outstanding works.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Directors Meeting 22 Feb 2006

Present: Gerry Clarke, Edward Kempster, Roy Johnson, Graham Gell, Heather Pollitt

1. Finance
Owners in arrears on maintenance and additional £150. Reminders have been sent to Rossiter, Jordans, Chinani, and Middleton - to no effect.

Increase in maintenance charge agreed. £400 per six months, with bonus payment of £375 for those paying on time. Proposal to be ratified at the AGM.

Problem of outstanding payments to be raised at the AGM.

2. Internal Painting
Work on painting in Block 2 to begin in early March 2006. GG to confirm date with painters.

3. External Painting
Quotes to be obtained for repainting externally - excluding the problem of the roof tops, which will be dealt with later. EK to obtain quotes.

4. Communications
All letters sent in the name of Westleigh Management Company should be copied to all directors and agreed before being sent. Communication now established via email and records kept on the website.

5. Ken Hawker
Complaints had been made that the windows in Apartment 16 had not been replaced and were now unsightly. Ken Hawker has counter complained that window horns have not been fitted. Window horns were not requested by the majority of owners, and Ken Hawker should replace his double-glazed units as soon as possible.

Letter to be sent to Ken Hawker pointing out that his "For Sale" notice could only stay up for six weeks maximum, and should be sited by the gates. If at any future date the apartment is to be sold, the Committee reserves the right to report to the purchaser's solicitor that there is an outstanding debt of £3,500-£5,000 for replacement windows. Copy of letter to this effect to be copied to Alan Ainsworth.

6. Garage Doors
A group of owners wish to go ahead with automation of garage doors. There is a problem with supplying electricity to the block of eight garages, the cost of which is estimated at £700-800. All owners to be notified of an approximate charge of £470-£500. Those who wish to proceed should make this payment in advance of the work.

7. Purchase of Freehold
It was thought that this would be in the region of £450 per apartment. A majority vote of owners in favour is required. This proposal is to be made at the AGM.

8. Tree Pruning
A written report of the condition of the trees within the Westleigh boundary is being sought. The results of this to be presented to the AGM.

9. Refuse bins
One set of bins is to be returned to the Town Hall. The other set is to be sited inside the front gate. HP to write to Town Hall requesting removal of the second set of bins.

10. Date of AGM
Wednesday 5 April 2006 - to be held at Flat 14.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Telephone — 0161 474 4747
Email —

John Brown — 431 3783

Frank Walsh — 432 4774

Mark Hewitt — 429 5794

Brendan Finn — 445 4564

Window Cleaners
xxx — 796 8207

Tony Harvey — 432 3195

Peter Mills — 432 1185

JMcPhillips — 442 0813 or 0788 4101613

Eric Johnson — 737 3224 or 0794 4206719

Gordon Bennett — 432 3538

George Davies — 234 8807 — Anne Fairhurst

G & G Partnership — 01925 758147 or 0797 9806774 Ged Hunter

Stockport Fencing — 477 0010

Fire Brigade
Roger Bentley — 608 5410

Tree Experts
Glen Kay — 01625 875 216

xxx — 865 4449

UPVC Windows
Alexander Windows — 482 2312 Julie Casanas

Terry Poole — 370 3794 or 0798 4934917

Philip Hatton — 355 0228 or 0781 5969235

Anthony Meehan — 491 4722 or 0777 4886701

McDonagh — 653 6478

Ray Oliver — 432 9554

Burglar Alarms
Dawes — 485 8100

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Contact details

Apartment 1
Vacant —

Apartment 2
Nick Rossiter —
Tenant — Mr Connolly — 0772 1431655
Manager —

Apartment 3
Vera Sisson — 432 5867

Apartment 4
Mr Khatwani — xxx xxxx
Caretaker — Mrs Chinani — 286 3442

Apartment 5
Colin and xxx Rodgers — 442 5653

Apartment 6
Reg and Lavinia Marsden — 441 1256

Apartment 7
Julie Culshaw — 432 2760

Apartment 8
Mr Lunt? —

Apartment 9
Manoj Hira — 0776 0166150

Apartment 10
Gerry Clarke — 432 4918

Apartment 11
Edith Pickles — 442 4923

Apartment 12
Edward and Ingrid Kempster — 431 7151

Apartment 14
Heather Pollitt and Roy Johnson — 431 0495 —

Apartment 15
Sally Middleton — 442 9332

Apartment 16
Ken Hawker — 918 3016

Apartment 17
Victor and Pat Powell — 442 0475

Apartment 18
Martin Albu —

Apartment 19
John and Sylvia Sillar —

Thursday, February 09, 2006

How to Find Us

By motorway
The whole of Greater Manchester is encircled by an orbital motorway - the M60. No matter if you are approaching from the north, south, east, or west, you are bound to end up on the M60, which passes by quite close to Westleigh. If you approach from the north, follow the signs for Stockport (and the airport). You can take clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. Even if you approach from the west via the M56, this merges with the M60 close to where you need to get off. You are looking for Junction 2, called Stockport West.

Fortunately, there are two unmissable landmarks to help you. One is the Stockport railway viaduct, which becomes visible just before you need to leave the motorway. The other is Stockport's famous giant Pyramid, now occupied by the Co-Operative Bank. Exit at Junction 2 onto a large roundabout (with traffic lights). Get into the nearside lane and take the A 5145 signposted for Didsbury. Follow this road for about half a mile, and go straight through a set of lights at the top of the hill. At the next set of lights, turn right into Mauldeth Road. Go through another set of lights, and one hundred yards further on, Westleigh is immediately in front of you. Turn sharp right into Clifton Road, then immediately left into the gates of Westleigh.

By road
Arriving from the north via Manchester or the south via Stockport, you will end up on the A6. Aim for Heaton Chapel, where the A6 is called Wellington Road North at this point. Turn into Heaton Moor Road and drive for about half a mile through the centre of Heaton Moor, past a Victorian parade of shops, until you come to Clifton Road on your right. Turn right into Clifton Road, drive to the bottom and turn left, then immediately into the gates of Westleigh, which is on your right.

An alternative route from the south is to approach on the A34, coming via Alderley Edge and Wilmslow. In this case, head for the big junction at Parrs Wood, identifiable by a large leisure complex on your right. Follow the signs for Stockport, and turn right into Didsbury Road. After half a mile, at the top of the hill, turn left into Mauldeth Road. Carry on through one set of traffic lights, and after a hundred yards Westleigh is immediately in front of you. Turn sharp right into Clifton Road, then first left into the gates of Westleigh.

Arriving by air
Manchester International Airport is quite close to Westleigh. Ask the taxi driver to take you to Heaton Moor. Clifton Road is just off Heaton Moor Road. The journey will take fifteen to twenty minutes, and it will cost you about that much in pounds, depending on the time of day. If you are being picked up by car, follow these directions.

Exit from the arrivals area and make your way through two or three roundabouts, heading for the nearby M56 motorway. Take the eastbound lane, heading for Stockport. After a couple of miles, the M56 merges with the M60. Exit from the M60 at Junction 2, which is called Stockport West. The Pyramid appears on your right, immediately before Junction 2.

Turn sharp left onto the A5145, signposted for Didsbury. Follow this road for about half a mile, and go straight through a set of lights at the top of the hill. At the next set of lights, turn right into Mauldeth Road. Go through another set of lights, and one hundred yards further on, Westleigh is immediately in front of you. Turn sharp right into Clifton Road, then immediately left into the gates of Westleigh.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Living at Westleigh

Guidance Notes for Owners and Tenants


1. Westleigh is a community inhabited by people who wish to maintain a comfortable, quiet, and neighbourly lifestyle.

2. Westleigh is maintained by the Westleigh Maintenance Company, which is governed by a company of directors, elected at an annual general meeting.

3. The property and its grounds are maintained in very good order, and every effort is made to keep this standard as high as possible.

4. Westleigh is a mixture of permanent owner-residents and temporary renting tenants, living in the properties of absentee owners, some of whom have their property managed by letting agents.

5. No changes to the outer appearance of Westleigh are permissible without the consent of the directors. This includes features such as television aerials and satellite dishes, security grilles, and painting.

6. No building works or radical changes to the interior of any apartment can be made without prior consultation with the directors of Westleigh Maintenance Company.

7. The letting of apartments has to have the prior agreement of Westleigh Maintenance Company.

8. Westleigh Maintenance Company has the legal right to request that owners who let their apartments to undesirable, troublesome, or poorly behaved tenants cancel their rental agreement forthwith (refer to the lease).


1. All noise levels and disturbances of any kind should be kept to a minimum, and all owners and tenants should have consideration for others as their main priority at all times as this is a communal complex.

2. It is important to keep in mind that people living in properties adjacent to you may be affected by what you do.

3. People who have previously lived in detached or semi-detached houses should realise that living in a block of apartments requires a different set of behaviours.

4. Noise travels upwards, downwards, and sideways. You should keep the volume of radios, televisions, and music players to a low level.

5. You should close your own apartment door and the outer door as quietly as possible when entering and leaving your apartment.

6. People living on the first and second floors should go up and down stairs as quietly as possible.

Cars and Parking

1. There is one garage for each apartment at Westleigh, plus twelve additional parking spaces.

2. Households who have more than one vehicle should use their garage for the storage of one vehicle.

3. Neither residents nor any of their visitors should park opposite garage doors. This blocks access to and exit from the garage.

4. No commercial vehicles (vans, lorries) are allowed to be parked by residents.

5. Parking is not allowed on any footpaths within the property.

6. Parking by visitors is allowed only on a short-term temporary basis. Vehicles belonging to visitors should not be left parked at Westleigh during their absence.

Buying and Selling

1. No estate agents' 'For Sale' or 'To Let' signs should be placed in any part of the property.

2. Owners selling or letting are welcome to place announcements to that effect on the Westleigh website.


1. Outer doors should be kept shut at all times. Leaving the outer doors open permits access to other people's apartments, and could result in encouraging attempted break-in's and vandalism.


1. The gardens are a source of great pride to the residents of Westleigh.

2. A professional gardener is employed to maintain them in good order.

3. They should not be changed in any way without the consent of the directors.

Rubbish Removal

1. There are bins for household refuse and for waste papers. These are emptied once weekly.

2. The bins should not be used for the disposal of large household objects or building refuse.

3. Cardboard boxes should be flattened before they are put into the bins.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Welcome to Westleigh!

You have reached an online source of information about Westleigh - a residential development of luxury apartments in Heaton Moor, Cheshire. The development is set amidst beautiful gardens surrounded by mature trees in the heart of a very fashionable suburb of south Manchester.

These pages will keep you up to date with everything that goes on there - and they will be a record of decisions and changes which take place from early Spring 2006 onwards.

Here you will also find easy access to practical matters such as links with local services and amenities. You can think of the web site as a sort of giant bulletin board which will always keep you up to date, no matter where you are.

The pages will also act as a permanent record of the minutes of the meetings of the Westleigh Maintenance Company and the decisions its directors make, as well as the formal documents and decisions of the residents' Annual General Meeting.

As time goes on, we will also add pictures and maps, as well as legal information such as health and safety requirements, council services, and information relating to insurance, property deeds, ground rent, and freehold.

If you wish to comment on anything that appears here, it's quite easy. All you do is add a message by clicking on the word comments at the bottom of each posting.